Our Technology

Our technology is unique in its ability to recover populations of specific cells based upon their biophysical properties in a sterile environment and without impacting the cells, enabling their maintenance and viability for further analysis and use in biomedical research.. As the technology does not use cell markers, cells are recovered in their native, unbiased state, and previously undetected rare cell populations can be recovered – a powerful tool for advancing our new understanding of the tumor microenvironment.

Our technology recognizes that all cells have a unique biophysical fingerprint. Our  dioelectrophoretic field technology separates cells with the same phenotype, allowing for the study of individual cells within a homogeneous cell population. Cell separation is rapid, and  our proprietary microfluidic devices provide a sterile environment for cell recovery.

Because CytoRecovery’s cell sorting is marker independent, even cells without known protein markers can be recovered. Where standard cell recovery technology may require at least 1 million cells to find a subpopulation, cDEP allows for the recovery of single cells. Cells remain viable, allowing researchers to conduct analysis on the cell subpopulations that have been recovered.

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